Chapter Committees


Welcome to the 2019 ASIS Hampton Roads Chapter Committee Chairpersons…  If you would like to volunteer to be on a committee, contact the Chapter Board

ASIS Hampton Roads      
Committee Chairspersons Phone Email
ASIS Foundation/Scholarship Representative      
Council Committee  Chris Stuart    
Young Professionals Committtee      
Certifications Committee  Ross Miller, CPP    
WIS Committee  Jessica Sewell    
Healthcare Security Committee  Michael Marushia, CPP    
Law Enforcement Committee      
Loss Prevention Committee      
Military Security Committee      
School Security Committee      
Transportation Security Committee      
Membership Committee  Ross Miller, CPP    
Newsletter Editor  Shawn Deans, CPP, PCI, PSP    
Placement Committee  Shawn Deans, CPP, PCI, PSP    
Programs Committee  Shawn Deans, CPP,PCI, PSP    
Website Committee  Shawn Deans, CPO, CPP, PCI, PSP    
Federal/DOD Committee  Paul Johnson