Chapter Plan

ASIS International SRVP Implementation Plan

 For the 2019 Strategic Plan

Chapter:  _Hampton Roads VA 043___        Region : _5A_

ASIS International Vision:  ASIS International will be the pre-eminent organization advancing security worldwide.

ASIS International Mission:  To achieve its vision, ASIS International will promote excellence in and recognition of the security profession.  Region Vice Presidents will coordinate an implementation plan in each chapter for the below goals in support of the ASIS International 2019 Strategic Plan.

GOAL 1:  Fulfill the Needs of Members and Potential Members

Ensure that all members receive benefit from ASIS’s programs and services in a cost-effective manner for both the member and ASIS. Chapter leaders annually discuss ASIS benefits.

Chapter Implementation Plan:



GOAL 2:  Deliver Quality Education and Create Opportunities for Information Exchange

Provide innovative and timely educational programming and use technology-based delivery systems to satisfy current chapter attendees while attracting new participants in ASIS-sponsored education programs.

Chapter Implementation Plan:

Reach out to College students to attend chapter meetings


GOAL 3:  Develop and Promote Security Standards and Certifications While Espousing Ethics

Promote understanding of and conformity to standards and guidelines developed by ASIS.  Establish certification as a professional competency standard.

Chapter Implementation Plan:



GOAL 4:  Advocate for ASIS International and the Profession to Key Audiences

Promote the role and value of the security management profession, Chief Security Officer, and ASIS throughout the business community, media, government entities, and the public.

Chapter Implementation Plan:





GOAL 5:  Perpetuate the Strength of ASIS International

Monitor and rigorously assess opportunities that expand and complement ASIS’s core membership and increase member retention.

Chapter Implementation Plan: